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Holster wins master

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Best of the 2018 Masters Agility Championships | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW (2018)


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Joe Bageant Quote

“There was and still is a tremendous fear that poor and working-class  Americans might one day come to understand where their political  interests reside. Personally, I think the elites worry too much about  that. We dumb working folk were clubbed into submission long ago, and  now require only proper medication for our high levels of cholesterol,  enough alcohol to keep the sludge moving through our arteries, and a  24/7 mind-numbing spectacle of titties, tabloid TV, and terrorist  dramas. Throw in a couple of new flavours of XXL edible thongs, and  you've got a nation of drowsing hippos who will never notice that our  country has been looted, or even that we have become homeless  ourselves.”   
Joe Bageant,      Rainbow Pie 

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Every so often, you pick up a book and two pages in your nose is glued  to it. Not necessarily because of the subject matter per se -- though  good subject matter certainly helps -- but because the prose is so  damned electric.

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