Aussie Learns a few tricks...

Australian shepherd puppy learns basic obedience training

Stay Command

Short Video of Stay Command with clicker and release...

Teach Your Dog Not to Bark

How to Teach Your Dog Not to Bark, Humanely and Effectively: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now

Loose Leash Walking

How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

Lucky Dog Lessons

Brandon McMillan Talks About His First Book "Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog In 7 Days"

This is focus

The dog in this video isn't on a leash... watch the focus of the dog on the handler...the dog is wearing a special collar of some sort... the dog doesn't seem to mind...

Philosophy of Dog Training

This Video won't play on my web site... click and follow the instructions to access on YouTube...

Kong Toy

How to use a Kong Dog Toy

lucky dog cbs