Photos Below are from August 2018

PI in the front yard chewing on a bone and loving the Camera...the photographs of PI were shot with a Canon SL1.  Several are out of focus (blurred) because I have a cataract on my right eye... my sighting eye and I have to depend entirely on the camera to focus... I switched the camera focusing from AIFocus to AIservo and

the response wasn't as good because she wasn't moving in the yard...

PI Black Feral Cat and Trek the Cat

PI and the Feral Cat

Several years ago a black mother cat had a litter of kittens.  The kittens from the litter grew up as feral and there was at least 1 litter from this litter.

Local animal control has a program of Trap, Neuter and release and I was able to trap and have neutered 5 or 6 of the kittens from the litter.  I released in the same neighborhood and began to feed them...

I have lost a few and gained a few.  Currently I feed 3 or 4 feral and abandoned cats.  Some have become somewhat tame... only one of the 3 or 4 will not allow me to touch them.  Winter is the hardest season as the cats don't like being indoors and if I get one onto the closed in front porch, the cat is obviously unhappy.  

The cat in the photo has become very tame and as you can see loves the puppy that is now part of my family.  PI is now 9 months old and the cat loves her very much and PI is now a very good friend.


PI on front deck with feral cat